Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Camden Markets / shameless touristy things.

On Sunday morning I headed to the Camden Market with Claire, a fellow solo Australian traveller I met on my flight, for what would inevitably become a day of wandering around that side of London. 

As soon as I exited the tube at Camden Town I realised why tourists were so drawn to this place- it’s absolutely crazy and completely different to the prim and proper London most people imagine. It definitely gives off a bit more of a rough-around-the-edges vibe and from what I’ve been told is more of an alternative area of London. The atmosphere was just vibrant, especially in the food section which offered meals from practically every country or culture you could imagine. I paid a few pounds for some really delicious bliss balls (you would have loved them, Ally) and got a plate of Peruvian rice and potatoes. Choosing what sort of dish to eat at the Camden Markets is a burden I wouldn’t place on any man.

I mean, just look at those donuts. I saw those after I had eaten and promptly vowed to return at some point on my trip to try one (update: I returned again today and they weren't there. Somebody hold me)

After we were done looking through the jewelry/clothes/knick-knacky part of the market we decided to head towards Primrose Hill, where we had heard you could get a great view of the city. 

So then, obviously, we walked for 20 minutes in the wrong direction before enlisting the help of a friendly couple passing by who told us basically to go back to where we started. It was at this point though that Claire and I agreed that it’s not really a burden to be lost in a city as fascinating and beautiful as London is. 

I just loved this street because it seemed so typically English, like you would see in the movies.

When we finally made it to Primrose Hill though, we knew that the good 40 minutes of walking was entirely worth it. The view was spectacular, the park was beautiful to walk through and there was an ice cream van stationed right outside. Honestly, London, you do things right.

As we walked through the park we noticed that right next door was Regents Park, where Queen Mary’s Gardens were and decided to take a look. Basically the most beautiful landscaping I’ve ever seen in my life and grass so green that it would put my dad’s backyard to shame. And, might I add, not one piece of rubbish in sight. The optimist in me would like to think that people are respectful enough to throw away their rubbish after they eat, but most of me just thinks everyone is terrified of what the Royal Family would do if you soiled their garden. At one point I accidentally walked on a piece of grass I wasn't meant to be walking on and I thought police officers were going to jump out of the perfectly trimmed bushes and send me back to Australia.

After Claire and I did a bit of shopping on Oxford Street, we said goodbye and I went home to make myself somewhat presentable before meeting Katie, who flew in that afternoon. After getting some dinner we went on the London Eye, which was spectacular. I had heard mixed reviews about how worth while it actually was but I really enjoyed looking out over London’s incredibly diverse city of buildings that varied greatly in terms of age, architecture and historical importance. We were lucky enough to be on the last ride of the night, which meant that the sun was setting just as we were at the top and made for an absolutely beautiful view. On our way to catch the tube home we got a few snaps next to Big Ben and then called it a night.

In conclusion, London is beautiful and if you can manage to get on the final spin of the Eye (at 9pm) when/if you're here, I'd recommend it.


  1. great reading and loved the photo's. I always thought London was a dull and dreary place, you have certainly changed my mind

  2. This is amazing. I love it! I couldn't find an email address that I can contact you from and I really love your blog and would love to collaborate with you. I recently launched my website (dazzledmag[dot]com) and would be honoured to feature you on it. Please let me know if you're interested. x sending love